Dream of: 15 September 2010 "The Gita"

Anderson (an old Portsmouth friend since high school) and I were in a building in a forested resort about 15 kilometers from Portsmouth. I could see people sitting around a lake outside. I was gathering together a few things I had brought with me because Anderson and I were getting ready to walk back to Portsmouth. I was looking for a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita which I had brought with me. I called it "the Gita."

A fellow whom Anderson knew was sitting there and Anderson spoke to him. The fellow had a couple paper-back books lying in front of him. I thought the fellow might be an interesting person with whom to talk, but I didn't say anything to him.

Instead of leaving, Anderson and I sat down at another table. I had always thought Anderson could write something, but he never had. I told him it wasn't too late, that he could still write something. I was thinking of telling him I had written a book about Michelle. I knew the book wasn't completely finished, but I thought Anderson might like to read it. But then I decided to not even mention the book since it really wasn't yet at the point where someone could read it. I was glad I had written my book and I thought there was still time for Anderson to write something.  

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