Dream of: 09 September 2010 "Not Necessarily Derogatory"

My father was lying beside me in a bed in which I was also lying. He was only about 40 years old and still had black hair. I was writing a letter on a greeting card to my mother. I wrote five or six lines, including a reference to my father which could be taken as derogatory, but not necessarily so. At the same time I was writing, I seemed to be reading the letter out loud so my father could hear it.

Without finishing the letter, I stood up from the bed, intending to leave my father. Suddenly, however, my father awoke and wanted me to give him the letter so he could read it. I refused. He stood up out of the bed and I thought that he was going to try to take the letter from me and that I was going to have to fight him. I was already imagining in my mind what it would be like if I had to hit him. I could imagine beating on his face and injuring him. I thought if the police came I would have difficulty explaining why I had been forced to fight with him. It was a tense situation.

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