Dream of: 07 September 2010 "Free To Go"

I was standing outside the apartment of Cinda (an overweight friend of Michelle's) where Michelle had been staying. As Michelle and some other people lolled nearby, Brown (the boyfriend of Cinda's mother) walked up and handed me nine 30 mg Oxycontin pills (which actually looked like 80 mg pills). As I stood there with the pills in my hand, I turned around and unexpectedly saw a police car parked right behind me. I dashed into the apartment, unsure whether the police were going to follow me inside.

Sensing that I might become embroiled in an unhappy affair, I raced up to the second floor where I intended to climb up into the attic. I stood up on a chair, reached up to a board in the ceiling which covered the attic hole, and lifted the board up. I looked inside the attic, saw some yellow fiberglass insulation, and stuffed the pills inside the insulation.

Just as I climbed back down off the chair, I looked around and saw a man who looked like a plainclothes policeman walk into and quickly survey the room. He noticed the chair, looked up to the attic hole and saw the board askance. I knew he suspected I had put something up there. The entire apartment began filling up with about 10 plainclothes policemen.

Michelle and the others stayed outside, but I remained inside, intent on seeing what was going to happen next. I was particularly interested in discovering what was going to happen to the pills. As I waited, the police began searching all over the apartment. When one policeman finally climbed up into the attic, I began to worry, particularly that my fingerprints might be on the pills.

Finally I walked back downstairs and sat down at a table. One officer walked downstairs and showed me a little bowl with 20-30 pills in it. They were not, however, the pills which I had had. Some were little white pills which looked like Xanex. I told him I didn't know anything about them. Other policemen also found more and more pills, but they never brought down the pills which I had hidden in the attic. I continued telling them I didn't know anything about the pills in the bowl.

As the officers continued talking with me, I wondered if I was under arrest. It looked as if I were. I finally asked, "Am I under arrest?"

When one officer said I wasn't under arrest, I asked, "Am I free to go?"

They acted as if I were free, but I still had the feeling I wasn't going to be able to leave. I remained seated for a while, then finally stood up. Two officers immediately stepped up to me and started to put little black plastic handcuffs on me. They didn't actually put the handcuffs on me, however, and I sat back down. It looked as if I were definitely going to be arrested. I began thinking this was going to be a big problem, especially since I was a lawyer. I could be disbarred.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but I wasn't extremely upset because I thought that proving a case against me would be difficult. They hadn't found anything on me and I didn't live in the apartment. I thought there was a good chance I could get out of the mess. Nevertheless, it was going to be a terrific problem.

While sitting at the table, I was given a drug test, and I knew I had taken some Oxycontin the day before. The result came back in a little tube, which showed red, which meant I was positive for Oxycontin. The police obviously now knew I had taken some Oxycontin.

Several police officers were now sitting at the table with me. One turned to me and handed me two pieces of paper which had credit cards on them. He then said I was free to go. I realized that while I had been there, the police had cancelled two of my credit cards, then they had taken all this time to renew the cards. I heard one officer say, "He's a lawyer."

One of the others said they had received a call from someone. I wasn't sure about whom they were talking.

I stood up, walked out, and headed down the street. After I had walked a short distance, I turned around and walked back to the apartment. All the police had departed. I stepped inside, debating whether I should go up to the attic and retrieve the pills. I wasn't quite sure. I thought the police might have left some cameras.

I found a lawnmower inside the apartment. Since grass was growing in one room, I started up the lawnmower and started cutting the grass. I pushed the lawnmower in circles around the room, cutting the grass. 

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