Dream of: 03 September 2010 (2) "No Place To Hide"

It was night. Michelle was visiting me in a house where I was living on an army base. Another fellow and a girl (the girl was probably in her late teens) were also in the house. The girl, lying in a bed, was naked from the waist up.

We were expecting an attack on the base by bombs being dropped from the air. Having never experienced such an attack before, I wished the attack would begin so I could see what it was like. The night, however, drug on interminably and nothing happened.

When I finally said something which made Michelle angry, she and I stopped talking. I stepped outside for a moment and saw what appeared to be big round bales of hay, only they were actually bales of wire, shooting straight up into the air. I realized the bales were some kind of protection which were being launched into the air to protect us. I walked back into the house and told Michelle what I had seen. For the first time I started to become worried. I thought I could hear the drone of planes and I envisioned hundred of planes coming our way. As the danger became clear, I said, "There's no place to hide."

An old song began going through my head, .".. there's no place to run to, baby, nowhere to go ..."

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