Dream of: 02 September 2010 "Returning Home"

When I arrived home at the apartment where I was living, I found the back door standing open. Surprised, I walked into the kitchen and proceeded to the living room, and was shocked to see my flat screen television had disappeared. Some other items also appeared to be missing. Suddenly I saw some motion in the adjoining room and two boys walked in. One was probably 7-8 and the other 9-10. As they tried to run past me and escape, I grabbed the younger one. The older one made it out the back door, but he quickly returned, obviously concerned about the younger boy. I told them I was calling the police. I also asked them what they had done with my television. They said it was still there in the apartment. When I walked into the front room, I found signs they were simply moving in. I also found a shotgun lying wrapped in cloth on the floor. As the three of us walked back toward the kitchen, I saw a bunch of men coming into the kitchen. I didn't know who they were or how they were connected to what was happening. I had only been absent for two days, and I didn't understand how someone could think he could just move into my apartment simply because I hadn't been there for a couple days.

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