Dream of: 29 August 2010 (2) "The Hypocrite's Billfold"

My mother and I were living together in a two-story apartment with white walls. Another indistinct female (about 20 years old) was also living with us in the apartment (she sometimes seemed like my sister, sometimes like an old girlfriend). The three of us were planning on going to a fair together. After they dallied and dallied, I told them they had five minutes in which to get ready. In my hand I was holding a watch with black numbers going in a circle on a white background. The hands of the watch were coal black, and were pointed down at the six. I began watching the minute hand go around, intending to wait no more than five minutes. If they weren't ready in five minutes, I definitely wasn't going to go to the fair with them.

As they hustled around, I suddenly realized that I myself wasn't ready, that I didn't have my billfold or my shoes. When I began looking for my shoes and billfold, I had difficulty locating them. Contemporaneously, I counted down the time, in intervals, saying, "Four minutes... three minutes...two minutes...."

I again admonished my mother and sister that they needed to be standing outside the front door at the end of five minutes. I would not be satisfied if they were still standing inside the apartment.

I ran back and forth, upstairs and downstairs as I looked for my shoes and billfold. I finally found one brown leather loafer, and one black leather wingtip, but I couldn't find a complete pair of shoes. I didn't particularly want to wear the loafers anyway since I had recently worn them and they had given me blisters. Finally I found the other black wingtip, and I decided to wear those.

I still couldn't find my billfold and the time was running out. I ran back and forth, trying to find my billfold, but I simply couldn't find it.

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