Dream of: 29 August 2010 "Surprising Visit"

While visiting my ex-wife Carolina at the Summerdale Drive House (where I lived with her from 1993 to 2006), I walked out back to look around. The cluttered back yard looked different from the way I remembered it. Weeds were growing everywhere. Behind one out-building I saw a stack of old rusted stove pipe (7-8 centimeters in diameter) which I recalled having left there when I had moved out. Since the pipe was rusted, I thought I would carry it out to the alley and leave it. I thought discarded metal was regularly picked up in the alley.

When I noticed a little girl running around, I realized Carolina had born a child. I walked back into the House and began talking to Carolina about the child. Although the child had only been born a couple days before, it already had long hair, was running all over the place, and was almost able to talk. The little girl already looked as if she were almost two years old. I was amazed.

When the little girl came close to me, I looked her in the face and asked, "Do you understand me?"

She looked at me. She obviously didn't understand me, but she was clearly learning to speak quickly. I was surprised. I thought she would first learn English, then Spanish. 

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