Dream of: 28 August 2010 (2) "Beautification Project"

My father (lying on a couch) and I were talking together in the living room of the House in Patriot. He looked about 60 years old and appeared to be in good health. Even though I hadn't seen him in a long time, he was exceptionally friendly. I had simply showed up unannounced and had begun talking with him. We didn't even mention that I hadn't visited him in a long time - we just talked friendly the way we used to do.

He said he didn't like to do much anymore, except sometimes drink a hot drink (tea?). One other thing also obviously still interested him: coal. He said he wished the government would start a "beautification project" which involved coal. He maintained that coal could be used to beautify things. I found his comments strange. I had difficulty imagining coal being able to make anything more beautiful.

I told my father I would bet that most Americans had never even seen a piece of coal. Trying to remember the last time I myself had seen a piece of coal, I told him I probably hadn't seen a piece of coal in 10 years. But I seemed to remember having seen a piece of coal when I had visited the Gallia County Farm just a couple months previously. I had found a piece of coal lying on the ground on the Farm.

I knew my father had been wanting to mine coal on the Farm. I asked him how that project was coming along.

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