Dream of: 28 August 2010 "The Moderator"

About a half hour early, I had arrived at a class which I was taking. A woman teacher (who somewhat resembled my 10th grade geometry teacher, Marie Trowbridge) was in charge. It seemed the class had to do with mathematics.

The room gradually began filling up with students. As I sat in my seat, I noticed some comic books lying on the top shelf of a bookshelf near me, and I thought I might read a comic book until the class started.

I was sitting with some other students at a long table (reminiscent of school cafeteria tables). While I waited for the class to begin, I bought a pitcher of beer and drank two big glasses of beer. Into a glass setting on the edge of the desk I began pouring my third glass of beer. I managed to completely miss the glass and poured the beer all over the floor.

A fellow (18-19 years old) sitting a couple seats away from me looked appalled and upset by my action. He said something about "cleaning it up." I complied. With some paper towels which I found on the book shelf, I began laboriously trying to soak the beer out of the thin gray carpet. As soon as I had soaked each paper towel full, I scurried to the bathroom behind me and threw the towel away. I fretted that the whole room would now smell like beer.

The same fellow sitting near me began talking in a more friendly manner. He talked about what kind of work he was going to undertake when he had finished school. I noticed he had a prominent narrow aquiline nose. He said he would like to be "a moderator." I said, "If we could all just get what we want."

I thought he was talking about working on some kind of television show. I asked him if he had ever heard of "Alistair MacLain." I was thinking I had seen MacLain on television, introducing movies. I wasn't sure, however, I was thinking of the right person. When the fellow said he had heard of MacLain, I said, "You remind me of him." I thought introducing movies on a television show was the kind of work a "moderator" would perform.  I said, "That would be just right for you."

I thought about myself - I wasn't sure what I wanted to be. I thought I had some idea, but I really wasn't sure what it was.

I knew the class was going to begin in about five more minutes. I knew the teacher was strict about people being in the class on time. It seemed as if she had told the students to never come in late. I didn't think she would be able to enforce such a rule. I thought if someone arrived late, he would still be able to attend class.

The beer was starting to dry out on the carpet. I had it pretty well cleaned up.

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