Dream of: 21 August 2010 "Rapture"

I had gone to a hospital where I intended to visit my uncle George (crippled with polio and unable to walk most of his life, George died in 1979). I found the hospital room where I thought George was staying and I walked in. It was crowded with four high beds (up to my chest) sitting along one wall. All the beds were occupied with men, but George wasn't among them. I walked around the room until I saw George over to the side; it looked as if he were sitting in the sink, fully clothed. I walked over to him and hugged him. Holding him in my arm was rapturous.

After about a minute of joy, I let him go and walked around the room. As doctors and nurses scurried in and out, I noticed one had set down a pill bottle of Valium and had apparently forgotten it. I had never taken Valium before and I wondered what they were like. Since no one was watching, I picked up the bottle and stuck it in my pocket. I continued circulating in the room, but became apprehensive because I could hear the pills rattling in the bottle in my pocket. I decided to step out into the hall.

In the hallway, I tried to decide what to do with the pills. I still wanted to visit more with George. I thought I might be able to hide the pills somewhere, such as in a bathroom, then go back and visit more with George. I could then retrieve the pills later.

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