Dream of: 08 August 2010 (2) "Confession"

Since Michelle was planning to buy some Oxycontin pills, I decided I would buy some for myself.  I thought she was going to buy $60 worth, and I thought if we bought twice the amount, we could probably buy them for $100.

I gave Michelle some money and she left. When she returned (her ex-boyfriend Wayne was lurking around in the background), she gave me a little white pill, which I decided to eat immediately. I swallowed the pill. Michelle, on the other hand, was snorting her pill.


Michelle, Wayne and I were all sitting on the ground. My hand was lying on the ground, open with the palm up. As Michelle was reaching across me to hand something to Wayne, I suddenly felt something in the palm of my hand. I looked and was surprised to see a little blue pill lying in my hand. Perhaps a fifth of the pill had already been shaved off. I closed my hand and held onto the pill. I asked Michelle what she had bought for herself, and she said she had bought "three twenties." I asked her what I had received, and she said "a fifteen." I knew she was referring to three 20-miligram Oxycontin pills for herself, and one 15-miligram pill for me. Apparently she had obtained the 15-miligram pill for free (and not with the money I had given her). I also knew one of Michelle's 20-miligram pills had fallen into my hand. Surprisingly, however, Michelle was unaware she had lost the pill.

We all stood up. We were inside a large church. We walked around the church, tending to some things we needed to take care of. It turned out that a man (40-50 years old) who was Michelle's father was the minister in the church. I continued walking around, holding the pill in my hand. I had decided to keep it. I was carrying a shaver with which I could shave down the pill so I could snort it. I also found a straw and a pair of scissors (which I could use to cut the straw). I was unable, however, to separate myself from Michelle and Wayne, and finally I simply laid the shaver up on a shelf, thinking I would retrieve it later.

We continued to walk around the church while they kept looking for something. Suddenly, somehow I managed to drop the pill and it rolled under a white refrigerator. I bent down on my knees to look for it, but I couldn't see it. I didn't know what to do. Now I was going to have to confess to Michelle that I had had the pill so she could help me look for it. I thought perhaps we could split the pill if we found it.

Instead of telling Michelle about the pill, however, I continued walking around the church with her and Wayne, trying to decide what to do. I noticed a pile of money lying on a table which we passed and I noticed Michelle scooting the money over to the side of the table. I reflected that the people in this church obviously trusted me. When we finally decided to leave and we headed toward the door of the church, I asked Michelle if she had a key. She said she did. I thought that after Michelle's father locked up the church, Michelle and I could return to the church with her key and look for the pill until we found it.

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