Dream of: 07 August 2010 "Incense Burners"

I had gone to the House in Patriot (the Gallia County, Ohio home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child), where my sister (about 20 years old) apparently was living. My mother (about 40 years old) was also in the House. I had left some things in the House which I had borrowed from another man who lived nearby. I needed to retrieve the objects and return them to the man. As I looked at the objects, I realized they were intricately sculpted incense-burners. Most of the incense-burners seemed to be small sculptures. One even resembled the running woman depicted on a metal lamp I used to own. Sticks of incense were burning in the burners. I knew I needed to gather up the incense-burners/statues and return them to the man.

Since I was living in Gallia County, I thought I might visit my uncle Ronald and my aunt Violet. I thought they lived nearby and I asked my mother where they lived. She said they lived down below "Tygart." I wasn't sure where Tygart was, but I knew it couldn't be that far.

When I was ready to leave, I headed out to board the large pickup truck which I was driving. With me I was carrying a little box which contained several small-cut pieces of corn on the cob. I had had them for a couple days and I was unsure they were still edible. Half of them had already been eaten with just the cobs left in the box. I held the box out to my mother and told her to go ahead and throw it away.

I boarded the truck by myself, except for a large long-haired black dog which was sitting in the passenger seat. With the dog I pulled out of the parking area. Almost immediately I saw that someone had stuck some green plastic markers on little metal poles in the middle of the road. I couldn't figure out what the little markers meant. With the dog, I headed down the road. The truck was rather new and so big, it was hard to steer.

I felt really good being in Gallia County again, and being with the dog.

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