Dream of: 04 August 2010 "Foolhardy"

I was in a park, about two blocks long and a block wide, sitting in a residential area with two-story frame houses surrounding it on all sides. I had just come out of a house (perhaps the home of my grandparents). My father and my mother had been in the house.

Only a few people were in the park. Some were playing games. I began at one end and headed down the middle of the park toward the far end. I didn't walk, however. I floated. I was standing upright, as if I were walking, but instead I was floating along a couple meters off the ground. I immensely enjoyed what I was doing. I floated from one end of the park to the other, turned around and floated back to the other end.

As I floated along, I realized I had a small tin can in my hand. I opened it and discovered some pills inside. I wasn't sure what kind of pills they were. As I continued floating, a black man (about 20 years old) walked up and snatched the can and the pills away from me. He took off running and I followed him. When I finally caught up with him, I pulled out a little black handgun, pointed it at him and told him to give my pills back to me. I told him if he wasn't going to give the pills to me, then he needed to stand still so I could shoot the gun and clip his ear with a bullet so he would know that I meant business. At the same time, I wasn't sure I could actually shoot that well.

Suddenly he took off running. I pointed the gun at him and fired. I missed, but he had heard the shot and he now knew I was serious. As he ducked around the corner of a house, he threw down the can of pills. I hurried over to the can and picked it up. I could see him far down the street, looking at the building which had been hit by the bullet I had fired.

I abruptly realized how foolhardy I had been. I had actually shot at the fellow. What if I would have hit him and killed him? I realized I had made a colossal mistake by firing the gun.

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