Dream of: 03 August 2010 "Impressed"

I had returned to Dallas where I intended to once again practice law.

I was downtown in a tall office-building where I had come to visit an attorney who was a friend of mine. I walked into a room with table and chairs and I sat down. Other people were also sitting and working in the room. With me I was carrying a file which I had only now opened for the first time, and I discovered the file was for one of my old bankruptcy clients. When I looked through the file, I discovered the case was set for a hearing on a motion to lift stay. It looked as if the hearing was scheduled to be heard in two days, or perhaps even later that same day. I was amazed to have discovered the case, which appeared to be ancient. I had thought I had already wrapped up all my old cases, but now I suddenly realized I needed to go to the hearing. I also needed to call the client.

As I continued to sit at the table and look around at the other people working there, I began to have an uneasy feeling I was in the wrong law office. I began to suspect I had unwittingly stumbled into the law office of my ex-wife, Louise.

A woman (about 30 years old, who looked like a lawyer) was sitting in the room. I overheard her talking to someone else about me. She said something about how I had been a star. I knew she was referring to my having been an excellent lawyer when I had practiced law in Dallas. She indicated, however, that I wouldn't be able to return and simply pick up the law again, even though I was trying to do exactly that. I tried to ignore her. I thought I could come back if I wanted. I definitely, however, didn't want to be in Louise's law office, so I stood up and walked out into the hall.

I boarded a little elevator and headed down. I wondered what Michelle would think when she found out I was going to practice law again and start making good money. I figured she would be impressed.

The elevator was so tiny, not more than four people could have fit. I was going down to the first floor, but another man (already on the elevator) planned to get off on another floor. It looked, however, as if the elevator were going up instead of down. As we rode on, the man started talking in German. I listened for a few words, then told him in German that I could speak a little German. The elevator ride seemed interminable. Next, another woman (about 30 years old, well-dressed in a suit) also boarded and began speaking German. I concluded the elevator was probably only for Germans.

The young woman impressed me. I figured that she had probably come from Germany and that she was accomplished enough to be working in the United States. She probably worked for a corporation, such as a bank. I thought that taking this German elevator would be a good idea in the future.

Gradually the elevator seemed bigger. I even sat down at a table and watched television for a while. When the elevator finally reached the first floor, two other fellows and I stepped off. Every wall I could see was painted white (I wondered if I were in a bathroom), and in order to leave, I would have to crawl under one wall, the bottom of which was raised off the ground about a third of a meter. I thought about bending over on my hands and knees and crawling under the wall, but I decided I didn't want to do that.

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