Dream of: 02 August 2010 "Disparagement"

I was sitting in a classroom with perhaps 50-60 students who seemed to be in the sixth grade, while I seemed to be a grade ahead of them. I was shocked when one student (a fellow sitting on the other side of the room) began talking about me in a disparaging way. A second student, then a third, continued the tirade against me. I just sat there and listened. I wondered if I should challenge somebody to a fight, but I decided not to. I really didn't understand the animosity. I thought I had been getting along with everyone.

When the class ended, I stood up, determined to leave the school. My car was parked a few blocks away and I intended to go there and simply sit in the car. I knew I was supposed to give a ride to another fellow (who I thought still liked me), but I just couldn't stand the idea of going to another class right then, knowing so many people apparently didn't like me. I would wait for the fellow in my car, if he even showed up.

I was feeling bad.

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