Dream of: 01 August 2010 "Surviving"

I waited and waited to board a passenger jet. When I was finally allowed on, since I was lying on a bed, I was pushed to the rear of the plane at the end of the single long row of seats.

As soon as we started to take off, I realized something was wrong. The plane seemed unable to gain altitude. We were flying low over the area, perhaps 100 meters above the ground. We flew on and on until we were finally flying just barely above a forest.

Concerned about the problem, I climbed out of my bed and walked to the front of the plane. Before I reached the pilot's cabin, I entered a small room in which a stewardess and an Asian fellow (probably in his late 20s) were sitting. I had met both of them earlier before I had boarded the plane. I asked the Asian fellow if I could sit down. He said I could, so I did. When I saw him pulling out a cigarette, I thought I would like a cigarette myself, but he didn't offer me one. Then I realized I had an unlit cigarette in my hand.

As the three of us sat there, I could look out the windows and could see that we still hadn't gained any altitude. I thought we were probably going to crash, but I wasn't terrified. I thought I still had a good chance of surviving. I wondered if I should put on a seat belt or leave it off. I didn't want to be trapped in the plane if it crashed and I couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. I thought we might crash into some trees in the forest, or that we might even crash into water. I retained my calm and tried to figure out some way to survive.

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