Dream of: 26 July 2010 "Breach"

I had recently purchased a huge house (partially painted white, partially dark-green) on the corner of a street close to Franklin Avenue, one of the more affluent streets in Portsmouth, Ohio. The house must have had 20 rooms. I was trying to sell the house for around $58,000. I spoke to my father (probably in his late 40s) about the house and he immediately said he wanted the house. He proposed trading to me a white two-story house on Grandview Avenue (close to my mother's old Grandview Avenue House) which his first cousin Don had for sale. In addition, my father would also give me $20,000.  I agreed to the deal.

After I had waited a couple days, however, and my father still hadn't come through on the deal, I began to worry he wasn't going to make the trade. I went to the Gay Street House where I found my father and I talked to him about the deal. I asked him how much he was going to pay for the house which Don was selling. It turned out that he was going to pay about $250,000 for the house. Even that high price had been reduced by $20,000. I was amazed. I didn't think Don's house was anywhere near as nice as the house I was selling and I began thinking I must be selling my house too cheaply. I obviously should simply raise my price and sell the house to someone else for cash.

My father and I went to my house and began walking around. I told my father I was losing money by waiting for him because I was still working on my house and trying to fix it up. The house had a giant bathroom next to the kitchen. I told him I would first lay tile on the floors of the bathroom and the kitchen. I planned to use good tile. I was actually looking forward to working on the house.

I was still wondering if I were selling the house too cheaply since I was only going to receive Don's house and $20,000 for my house. I was thinking of backing out of the deal. I told my father he had already breached the deal anyway because he hadn't already paid me for my house. He seemed as if he wanted the house, but he didn't seemed concerned about whether he bought it or not. More strongly than ever I regretted having made the deal with him. I thought I was selling my house way too cheaply.

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