Dream of: 25 July 2010 "Telecommunication"

Someone knocked on my door and I opened it. I was living in a house in a rural area, but I could still see houses here and there along the road, just not close. A tall thin black-haired woman (probably in her late 20s) was standing in front of me. In her arms she was carrying a small white baby which she handed to me. I had heard about this baby. Small plastic tubes were coming out of its head. Because the tubes were in the baby, it could talk, even though it was only a few months old. As I held the baby in my arms, the woman walked into the house and she and I sat down in the living room. I heard the baby say something, almost as if by telecommunication. The baby talked to me and I spoke to it. We carried on a conversation for a while. I immediately just loved the baby and quickly became attached to it.

When the woman had first sat down, I had said, "I hate babies."

I felt as if that were true, as if I hated being around babies. I definitely didn't like holding them. The baby in my arms, however, was different. I enjoyed being with the baby and listening to it talk to me.

When my hands slipped for a second with the baby in them, I thought the woman might be afraid that I had almost dropped the baby. I hadn't. I had simply adjusted my hands while maintaining a firm grip on the baby. The woman didn't seem concerned.

As I was wondering where the woman had acquired the baby, I suddenly remembered I had previously talked with her about the baby. The baby (the more I looked at it), moreover, no longer looked like a baby but like a little bear cub around 30 centimeters long. It had the same mottled brown hair-color as Michelle's pit bull, Kirsten.

I remembered the phone conversation when the woman had told me how she had acquired the bear cub. The woman had described how the mother of the bear cub had been hit by a car and killed on a curve on a rural road. Two little baby bear cubs had been left in a ditch close to the accident. The two bear cubs had been twins. I was now holding the female bear cub in my hand. The other cub (apparently the woman still had it somewhere) was a male.

I held the cub so it was lying on its back in my hands. Its furry brown stomach was right in front of me. As I stroked the stomach hair, I murmured, "Oh, you're so beautiful."

I simply loved the baby.

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