Dream of: 23 July 2010 "Caribbean Island"

While on an island in the Caribbean, I had walked into a cafeteria. I bought a meal (breakfast) and I ate and ate. Much of the food looked greasy, which pleased me even more. I went back and forth to the food stand. I couldn't seem to get enough.

Two women who apparently worked in the cafeteria finally called me over to a table at which perhaps 10 women were sitting. When I sat down, the two women criticized what I had been doing. Two or three of the women asked me if I had paid for my meal. When they asked me if I had a ticket, I told them I did.

I realized, however, I had been eating so long, I might have crossed from the breakfast mealtime to the lunch mealtime. I knew toward the end I had started loading up and eating pies, which wasn't a common dish for breakfast.

I stood up from the table and decided I wanted to return to the food stand for more food to eat. Instead, however, I simply left the cafeteria. A couple hours later, I returned, intending to have lunch. I wasn't nearly as hungry, but the food still looked good. I noticed some appetizing spaghetti and some appealing peeled white potatoes. I walked around the meal stand to view the food and ascertain that I wanted to eat lunch there. I decided I did.

First, however, I had to buy some coins with which to pay for the meal. I could also see the currency (it seemed like the Virgin Islands) which a man behind a counter was handling. As soon as I had purchased the coins I realized I had probably overpaid for them. I should have just paid the cashier with my American currency.

I walked over to the queue to pay for my meal. I thought the cost of the meal was $7.90, but when I was ready to pay, I was told the cost was $14.90. I was miffed, but since I had already stood in line I decided to pay the exorbitant amount. When I gave the lady-cashier a $20 American bill, she gave me back change in the local currency. I realized she had also taken advantage of me in exchanging the currency. I would also have to redeem the change at a loss when I was ready to leave the country.

From where I was standing I could look outside and see the ocean and the beach. Some small black children were swimming near shore. I thought many tourists came to this island, but they didn't really see what was going on on the island. They only saw the one small tourist area. They didn't see what life in the Caribbean was really like. At least I was seeing some of it.

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This makes me think about how selfish I am.