Dream of: 22 July 2010 "Disgusting Scheme"

Michelle (in her early 20s, as pretty as ever) was standing in front of me. I had learned that she had been receiving money from some people and that she was supposed to hold the money for them. Apparently the people were trying to save for various reasons, such as for a future college education. All the people were poor and ignorant and Michelle had somehow talked them into giving her the money. I knew Michelle wasn't saving the money like she was supposed to. She didn't even have a bank account in which to deposit it. When I asked her if she was keeping track of some money she had just received, she said she had written the figures down on the outside of a purse which she had.

I knew what Michelle would do with the money: buy drugs. She would spend every penny and when the time came to return the money to the people, she wouldn't have any. I figured Michelle was going to end up in serious trouble and probably go to jail. I was disgusted by her atrocious scheme and by her taking advantage of the poor people, but I didn't know how to stop her.

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