Dream of: 11 July 2010 "Bears and Swans"

Another fellow had accompanied me as I had driven to the Summerdale Drive House in Hurst, Texas. My father lived in the House. I had returned to the House to retrieve some belongings which I had left there. I was working in the garage, mostly just cleaning up trash and packing it into garbage cans, rather than packing up belongings. I packed some of the trash into a brown cardboard box which I intended to set on the curb.

Although my father and I didn't get along (we weren't even talking), at one point I could see him looking out a window of the House. He was a tall, slender, black-haired man (probably in his late 30s). I could also see a boy in the House with him.

As I continued cleaning, a little black bear cub came running through the yard and ran into the garage. Perhaps 10 people were chasing the cub. They pursued the cub around the garage until they trapped it in a corner and captured it. I told them that was the fourth time that week that a bear had been running around in the vicinity. I said there must be a lot of bears around there. As they were leaving, I asked them where they lived because I wanted to know how far the bear had run. They said they lived on "Summer Street" which I thought was only a block away. They said several people had bears on Summer Street.

One of the people was a boy (about 15 years old). I asked him what he intended to do with the bear. He said he would probably give it away. I thought that was ridiculous. No one would just take a bear. It would just end up in a circus. I suggested he might simply take the bear out in the woods and turn it loose. Since the bear had been domesticated, I didn't know if it would be able to survive in the woods. I thought it might.

As they were preparing to leave, I noticed a little boy (three or four years old) standing at the rear of the garage. He had pulled down from a the top shelf of some shelves a box of Sesame Street Christmas ornaments which belonged to me, and then he had placed the box on the bottom shelf. As he walked out of the garage, I noticed he was carrying something in his hand. I walked up to him and saw he was carrying two small porcelain figures which he had picked up in the garage. It looked as if they might be swans. I liked them. I wanted them. The boy didn't want to give them up, but after a struggle, I wrested them from him. As he left, I continued watching him to see if he would pull out of his pants anything which he was trying to steal, but it looked as if I had taken everything he had.

After the people left, my companion and I continued cleaning the garage. I thought my father would at least be happy that I was removing the trash.

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