Dream of: 10 July 2010 "Overjoyed"

I had bought a huge mansion in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was old, a bit rough and needed repairs. It had dozens of rooms and was oddly circular, with lower floors on the perimeter rising to the highest point in the center, something like a pyramid. I was walking through the house for the first time, even though I had already bought it. I had paid $53,000 for the house, which I knew was a lot of money. I might have been able to get more for my money if I had bought a cheaper house, but this house was in such good shape, I was satisfied. I walked from room to room, showing the house to another person who was accompanying me.

When we finally reached the top floor in the middle of the house, we stepped out onto a deck from which we could see far into the distance. I couldn't believe how splendid the view was. Overjoyed, I hugged the other person. I could see hills, valleys, trees, and green fields. It was breathtaking. I thought if I walked around the deck to the other side of the house, I would be able to see the Ohio River.

Even though the house had cost me a good deal of money, it was still a fantastic deal and I was so happy I had bought it. I was ecstatic.

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