Dream of: 09 July 2010 "Charged With A Crime"

While sitting in a classroom with about 30 people, I had taken off my pants so I was naked from the waist down. Apparently I had been in the habit of doing this. Michelle's surrogate mother, Carol, was the teacher of the class, and she suddenly told me I was going to be charged with a crime because I was naked. She seemed reluctant to have me charged, but apparently she had already made her decision to do so. I was immediately upset. I thought this was a sexual crime which would be on my record forever.

When the class ended, I put on some pants and I was able to leave the room without being arrested. Pondering the turn of events, I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me. It did indeed seem strange that I would be sitting naked in a class like that. I wondered if I would be arrested when I left the building. I could see some people who looked like sheriff's deputies who were watching people leave the building, and as I was walking out the door, a buzzer went off, but no one stopped me.

I thought I needed to put some money together so I could pay for the bond if I were arrested. I might even have to find a bondsman.

I continued to think something might be wrong with me. My old high school classmate, Anderson, crossed my mind. It seemed that there might be something wrong with Anderson without his being aware of it, the way he walked around on the streets all the time. Maybe I was unaware that I had a problem, and I really did. I was very upset, thinking this would be on my record forever, especially since this would be considered a sexual crime and people would always look at me strangely.  

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