Dream of: 08 July 2010 "Leaving The University"

As I was walking around a university, I stepped into a library and entered a section where I had never been before. All the while I was carrying a metal bar. When a fellow saw me with the bar, he asked me if I knew how to use it. He then guided me to a seat next to a wall. Attached to the seat was a metal device, into which the bar could be inserted. If the bar were inserted, the seat would rise into the air. I understood that certain things could be done up in the air, but I was uncertain exactly what.

I noticed over to the side some sculptures carved out of marble. I thought I would like to learn to carve sculptures like that. I particularly liked one sculpture of an intricately twisted head. I reflected that I was at a late stage in life to learn to do something like that, but I still thought I would like to learn to carve marble. 

I decided to leave. I walked outside, immediately met a fellow (about 40 years old) and boarded a car with him. A woman was also in the car. I hadn't planned to leave, but he pulled off. One of them pulled out some marijuana and put it in a little pipe. The woman suddenly realized that I might possibly be a nark, but when she handed me the pipe and I took a deep hit, she realized I obviously wouldn't turn them in, and she said something to that effect. I immediately felt the smooth and pleasant effects of the marijuana.

I had met the fellow who was driving a long time ago, but I couldn't remember where I had met him. When I realized we were riding away from the university, I asked the fellow where we were going. I really didn't want to leave the university, but the fellow continued to drive. I was unsure where we would end up. 

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