Dream of: 03 July 2010 (2) "So Little Accomplished"

In an unfamiliar town, I was in a car with a boy. We rode up a ramp and entered a strange complex of buildings. We had already seen other strange sights earlier in the day, and I commented to the boy that we were seeing things today which we had never seen before. After we entered an area which seemed like a large courtyard, I stopped the car and we both climbed out, even though I was already a bit worried we wouldn't be able to leave the place.

Off to the side of the courtyard were small bleak rooms, almost like dark caves, where people appeared to be toiling. A little boy in one room seemed to have something in his hand on which he was working. It almost looked as if he were in a cave, working with some kind of mineral deposit.

Gradually the courtyard began to seem more like a large room, and I became more worried about being able to leave. I noticed my uncle Ronald and my uncle Liston, Jr. (both about 50 years old) in the room. I thought one of them was only about 17 years older than me and that I could go and live with him if I wanted to, since I didn't have anywhere else to live. I thought it sad that I didn't have a home. I also thought about my uncle George, but I realized George was already dead, even though he had been younger than Ronald or Liston.

I was fretting about leaving. Other people were also walking around the room and they were all in the same situation - they likewise wanted to leave.

Inside the room was yet another room, but it was locked so no one could enter. At the tops of the walls of the inner room was a space over which it would be possible to see into the interior room. Someone picked up a little girl (not much more than a baby) and held her up to the top of a wall so she could look over and see what was in the interior room. When the baby was held up to the top of the wall, I could see what she was seeing. Inside the interior room were four or five naked women lying in the room. One woman was lying atop one of the other women. Apparently they were all dead. It was a macabre sight.

When the baby was pulled back down, I noticed a little marble monument sitting over to the side. It had writing on it which appeared to be from ancient Egypt. A date was on the monument. As I looked at the date, I thought the ancient Egyptians had started dating their years at a certain point and had counted forward from that point. They hadn't used the "B.C." method which modern man uses. I wondered when the "B.C." method had been put into place, and how people had kept track of time before that.

Apparently the monument had been put there by the pharaoh. The writing was about  man who had been given the task of building something. The man had had 12,000 men working for him. The monument complained that so little had been accomplished with so many men.

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