Dream of: 03 July 2010 "Commune"

While on the second floor of my 17th Street House in Portsmouth, Ohio, I realized a black-haired woman had entered the House, and I gradually realized she was my long-lost sister whom I hadn't seen in years. After a while I realized four or five other people had also entered the House with her and they were all downstairs on the first floor. I walked downstairs and found two couples sitting on the couch. Since people had stolen things out of my House before, I was worried they would steal something from me, and I expressed my concern to them.

I looked around the room to see what might be in danger of being stolen. In one corner was a large plastic model of a dragon (about a third of a meter tall). I was bothered when I saw that some of the pieces of the dragon had been broken off. A box containing all sorts of odds and ends was also in the room. It didn't look as if anything had been taken from the box.

I stepped out of the room to talk a bit more with my sister. When I returned, 40-50 people (half men, half women) were standing around the perimeter of the room. They were all different ages, but most probably in their 30s. They looked like hippies. I talked to them and finally realized they all belonged to a commune. I was intrigued and asked them questions. I told them that when I had been in college, I had wanted to join a commune, but I never had. In fact, this was the first time I had ever even been with people who lived in a commune, so this was quite an experience for me.

I tried to discover where they were from and why they had come to Portsmouth. It sounded as if they were from western Ohio, close to the Indiana border. I still couldn't figure out why they were in Portsmouth. Someone said something about fifty or sixty pieces of property, and it seemed as if they thought I owned a lot of real estate. I realized, however, that I only owned three houses at the moment. I wasn't sure, but it sounded as if they wanted to buy some property.

I was curious about whether they used drugs, and as I stood in front of all of them, I asked, "Do you do drugs?"

They said, "No."

When one fellow in the middle of the room, however, said he shaved his pills, I immediately knew he must be talking about shaving down pain pills and snorting them. I said if he did that, then he obviously did drugs. Another fellow chimed in, however, that the fellow who had spoken was addicted and the others were trying to help him stop using drugs.

I asked them how they had come to Portsmouth, and they said they were in a big bus.


I was sitting on the hood of the bus, while all the others were inside the bus. We were riding down a country road. I felt exuberant and as we sped down the road, I hollered, "Wooooooooo!"

We passed a clearing on the right where some women were playing softball. One blonde caught my attention and I hollered, "Hey babe!"

Someone from inside the bus hollered back at me, as if what I had said was improper, so I didn't holler anymore. I just let myself enjoy sitting on the hood while riding along the tree-lined road.

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