Dream of: 02 July 2010 "Death In The Family"

I was with some members of Michelle's family, including her half-brother Ray and Ray's wife Bonnie. Ray was talking on the phone, and when he finished talking, he was crying. He said his little brother had been killed. I was puzzled because I hadn't known he had a little brother. Finally I realized he was talking about a younger version of himself. Apparently there were two Rays. I had difficultly believing the younger Ray was dead.

I knew that Michelle loved her brother and that she would be inexorably devastated when she learned that he was dead. I said someone was going to have to call her. Ray said he would do it. He picked up the phone, but he couldn't bring himself to make the call. I told him I would call her. I picked up the phone and called Ray's house, where I thought Michelle was, but she wasn't there. I asked the person who answered the phone where Michelle was, but the person didn't know. I thought Michelle must have been there earlier, but had left. The person said he thought she was working somewhere. It sounded as if he said she was working at a linoleum factory. He also said she might be cleaning someone's house. I thought to myself that she was probably with a man and being paid for having sex with him, but I didn't say anything.

After hanging up the phone, I asked Ray if he knew where Michelle was. Although he had been crying before, he now seemed nonchalant about the whole matter. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a phone number. The first three numbers were "788" which I thought was the exchange for Wheelersburg, Ohio, even though I had thought she was in West Portsmouth. I again picked up the phone to try to call her.

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