Dream of: 01 July 2010 (2) "Cancelled Checks"

My father (only about 40 years old) was standing outside the Gallia County Farmhouse, on the west side which slopes upward toward the hilltop. Although he and I had not been getting along, he was smiling and he seemed friendly. He called me over to him and told me he wanted to show me the money of which he was disposing, which he was going to burn. He told me the money consisted of twenty dollar bills. I thought he was referring to stacks of old twenty dollar bills which were no longer in use and were to be burned (just as the government burns old currency).

I walked over to him, thinking I might be able to get some of the bills and use them, even though I knew my father wouldn't approve of that. When I reached him, I saw that he was standing on top of stacks of money, as if he were going to shovel up the stacks of bills to burn them. I picked up a few bills to look at them. When I had them in my hand, I saw they weren't twenty dollar bills at all, but simply old cancelled checks. When I pointed out that the bills were actually cancelled, my father seemed a bit surprised.

All the checks were dated "1982." I wondered who had written the checks. I saw the name of my great aunt Dorothy on one check. I thought that maybe the checks were collectors items and that perhaps we should save them. I also recalled that I had once had some designer checks and I wondered what had happened to those. I thought they might also be collectible.

I knew the checks wouldn't be good for anything else, except possibly as collectibles. And even that was doubtful.

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