Dream of: 01 July 2010 "Lights Off"

My girlfriend and I were in a house which resembled the Grandview Avenue House. Lisa, two other fellows (one of whom was Lisa's boyfriend), and my mother were also in the house. When my girlfriend and the other fellows walked out back to the garage, Lisa and I walked upstairs to the bedroom, sat down together on the bed, and began talking, even though I was afraid my girlfriend would find me sitting on the bed and talking with Lisa.

Lisa and I finally lay down next to each other, and I asked her if she had had sex with both the other fellows. She admitted she had. I knew I had also had sex with her before and I had enjoyed it, so I thought I would probably have sex with her again. I slid my left hand inside the front of her pants, and I put my right hand down her pants in back. I pushed my left hand all the way around between her legs and up in back until I could touch my right hand, so my hands formed a little circle in between her legs.

When Lisa and I had sat down on the bed, the light had been turned on. Suddenly, however, I realized the light was off. I asked Lisa what had happened to the light, and she said she had turned it off. Obviously she wanted to have sex.

I thought I heard a noise. I was afraid someone was going to come upstairs, but Lisa said not to worry about it. I wasn't worried about Lisa's boyfriend, but I was worried about my girlfriend finding me with Lisa. Nevertheless, I was aroused, and I thought Lisa and I would have sex.

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