Dream of: 10 June 2010 "Run-Down Hotel"

I had taken my mother to look for Michelle, who had taken off somewhere. I found Michelle at a run-down hotel which seemed to be in a resort area of a foreign country. I was standing at the front desk when she walked up. She was completely surprised to see me. As she stared at me, I began talking to her. I abrasively disparaged her in front of my mother. I called her a "whore," then said to my mother, "Look at her."

Michelle endured my excoriation without saying anything. From the way she was acting, I had the feeling she had been smoking crack. She remained quiet and didn't become agitated by what I was saying. When I asked her who was with her in the hotel, she was evasive. She balked when I told her to take me to her room. Obviously she didn't want to do that, but finally she said, "Ok."

She and I walked out the front door of the lobby and around to the side of the hotel to a grassy area. As we stood at the top of a grassy bank, I felt something grab my shirt from behind and suddenly my shirt was pulled off from me. I turned around and saw a black man running away from me. Apparently he had run past me and pulled off my long-sleeved blue shirt. I realized he was probably with Michelle. He was muscular, around 30 years old, dressed in blue jeans and a shirt. I immediately felt as if I were in danger, and I tried to see if he were carrying a knife.

Michelle walked down the grassy bank to a road at the bottom. A car pulled up and stopped. Michelle walked over to the car and began talking ghetto language to the fellow driving the car. I heard her talk about how she was going to have trouble with this guy (obviously referring to me). I thought I might be in some danger, but I wasn't particularly concerned. I could still see the black fellow standing at the top of the bank. It was beginning to look as if Michelle was with both men. She had probably been having sex with both, or maybe dancing for them. The thought was disgusting. Now she was talking about me with this fellow. 

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