Dream of: 12 May 2010 "Crossing Rings"

While Michelle and I were in Texas, we intended to borrow a large pick-up truck (which belonged to a principal of a high school) so we could go to a basketball game. Michelle had already climbed into the truck, while the principal (probably in his early 40s) and I were standing and talking beside the truck, which was parked in a lot behind a building. I had the impression the principal might have been drinking some alcohol. When I slipped and told him I would bring the truck back "tomorrow," he caught what I had said. I corrected myself and said, "No I mean tonight."

He said he wanted me to take someone else with me to the basketball game. Although I didn't want to take anyone else, I felt compelled to do so. The persons in question were a couple students (a fellow and his girl) who were sitting right there in a white car. When I walked over to the car and spoke to them, I discovered four people were actually in the car - two fellows and two girls. I agreed to take all four. I told them they would have to ride in the back seat of the truck.

The game (which was about 20 minutes away) was supposed to start in about an hour. I asked the four of them where they wanted me to pick them up. It sounded as if they wanted me to pick up all of them individually. When I told them we needed to leave immediately, the car started backing up, and since I was now standing on a running board on the outside of the car, I moved along with them. Still talking with them, I asked them what grade they were in. They said they were all in the twelfth grade. I responded, "At least you're not in the eleventh grade."

They backed up the car toward the truck, which had been backed over two sturdy pieces of metal which formed a bridge over a big rectangular hole in the lot. I could see Michelle (dressed in a brown coat) sitting in the truck. Her mouth was open in a big wide smile and it looked as if she might be putting on lipstick. She was very pretty. Both fellows in the car started looking at her and one fellow said something about "crossing rings." I wasn't sure, but I thought he might be talking about some jewelry he was wearing, and I thought he might be indicating he would like to trade his partner for Michelle. I figured the fellows were obviously impressed that an old man such as myself was with a young beauty such as Michelle. I prepared to jump off the running board so I could board the truck with Michelle and pick up the others.

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