Dream of: 09 May 2010 "I've Always Believed"

I was among some other people in a building (somewhat like a big mall). My old buddy from high school, Walls, was with me, standing off to the side, watching. I had said something which had offended the religious sensibilities of some of the people around me. I wasn't exactly sure what I had said, but the people had taken definite offense.

I walked outside, thinking I wouldn't have to deal with the people any further. To my chagrin, however, I discovered I had left by billfold inside the building. When I turned to walk back inside to fetch my billfold, an old man and an old woman were blocking my way. I pleaded with them to let me back inside, but they refused. When I continued to request entrance, the old woman finally told me to look in my hand. I looked and was shocked to discover I was holding my billfold in my hand. When I politely said, "Thank you," to the woman, I thought she appreciated my words.

When I walked away from the building, crossed the street, and, on the other side, entered a building which turned out to be a church, people were still following and harassing me, as if they hated me. Three men in particular were dogging me, and one managed to take my maroon Samsung Blackjack II cell phone from me. When the men continued to harass me, I asked a police officer to help me, but he refused. I grabbed the telephone back.  I could tell that everyone was against me and I simply wanted to leave. As I stood inside the doorway of the church, I turned to my pursuers and uttered, "I'm sorry."

I really didn't mean what I was saying. I just told them I was sorry so they would leave me alone. Everyone stopped and looked me over, as if they were digesting my apology. They all appeared to be religious fanatics, their belief in God apparently offended by what I had earlier said.

Finally, I fell down on the ground in front of the group and sputtered, "God, I've always believed in you."

I made the statement for the benefit of my persecutors. Even though I knew I did indeed believe in God, I knew I didn't believe in the same type of God as the others. Even though what I was saying was true in my heart, I was merely putting on an act for the benefit of my persecutors.

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