Dream of: 08 May (2) 2010 "Creaking Along"

I was among a crowd of people in some bleachers where some kind of event was going to take place down below. Everyone around me seemed to have a cover over him. Abruptly, my old junior high classmate, Peggy (about 20 years old), came sliding down beside me, from bleacher to bleacher. When she reached the seat right beside me, I looked at her in the face, and thought about the dreams I had had in which she had appeared. Since my portable computer was sitting on my lap, I thought I might be able to pull up some of the dreams and read them to her. I asked her if she would stay there a minute, and I told her I thought she would find what I had to show her "very interesting." She almost looked offended that I was even talking to her, and to my disappointment, she replied, "No," and continued sliding down the bleachers. I was sorry because I would have liked to have read the dreams to her and to have discussed them with her.

I finally stood and walked to the bottom of the bleachers. Slowly I realized everyone in the bleachers had been given something from an estate which had been divided up. I myself had a pile of things (lying on the ground) which I had been given. As I poured through my stuff and began gathering it up, I also came across some coins which I gathered up to keep. While doing so, I saw my old best friend from the fourth grade, Altizer (only about 20 years old). I fretted I might be mixing my things with Altizer's, or with another fellow's who was close to me. In the end, I only had a few things which I liked. One thing was a big butcher knife. I showed the knife to Altizer and told him I particularly wanted the knife, even though I wasn't sure from whose pile the knife had come. Altizer was in a hurry to leave, and he didn't seem to care if I kept the knife.

Altizer, the other fellow, and I all put our stuff in a car. Altizer climbed into the driver's seat, the other fellow into the front passenger seat, and I into the back seat. Altizer started the car and we took off. The other fellow quipped that his body was "creaking along," even though he said we were all still young. When he asked me how old I was, I asked him how old he thought I was. He responded that I was probably about 48. I looked at Altizer and said, "I wish we were that young."

I knew that Altizer and I had been born close together and that we were almost exactly the same age. I asked Altizer on what day he had been born. I was uncertain, but I thought his birth date was just a few days from mine. When he said, "December first," I realized his birth date was indeed close to mine, but still a little farther away than I had thought. I had been born in November. I knew Altizer and I were no spring chickens any more.

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