Dream of: 08 May 2010 "Lola"

I was with a young black-haired woman named Lola in a bedroom on the second floor of the House in Patriot. We were sitting on the bed and talking, and I liked being with her. I hadn't decided for sure, but I was thinking of having sex with her.


Later, while I was sitting alone on the bed in the same room, Michelle and another woman walked in. I was uncertain whether I had had sex with Lola, and whether I should tell Michelle about it. Even though I figured Michelle had had sex with other men while she had been seeing me, I didn't want to have sex with other women without telling Michelle. Suddenly I blurted out to Michelle that I had had sex with Lola. Michelle was standing right next to me with her hand on my arm. As a reflex, she began squeezing my arm. She was obviously extremely upset. I felt bad. I hoped that Michelle would understand and that she would still stay with me, but I didn't think she would.

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