Dream of: 01 May 2010 "Trespassers"

A couple fellows and I were in a ranch-style house where a group of people (all in their early 20s) were gathered. One black woman (around 20 years old) seemed to want to compose a song and she began singing. Appreciating her effort, I thought about joining in with her. After I also began trying to write a song, however, the woman became distracted by something else, and I wasn't sure if I should continue.

I gradually realized I didn't even know the people in the house, but I recalled that I did know the owners of the house. The owners were out of town and they had given me permission to come to the house. After I began asking the other people how they had come to be at the house, I gradually realized they had simply stumbled on the house and walked in, nothing more than trespassers. When more people arrived (perhaps 15 people altogether in the house), I became a little upset. Clearly everyone was simply trespassing. I confronted them and told them they must leave the house.

As I was talking with one woman, a couple husky fellows stepped up behind me and one tapped me on the back. The tap seemed good-natured, but I suddenly felt somewhat threatened. When I sat down on the floor, another fellow pressed on my leg, causing me some alarm. I told him that if any damage came to me or anyone with me, there would be serious consequences. I added that there would also be serious consequences if any damage came to the house.

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