Dream of: 30 April 2010 (2) "Old Picture"

My father (in his mid 40s) and I were in the Gay Street House. He was planning to sell the House and he was on the phone talking with someone. I didn't think he knew what the House was actually worth, but I figured he could receive around $250,000 for it. He was talking, however, as if he might be able to sell the House for as much as $1,000,000.

I walked through the House to look it over. I thought the cluttered House needed to be straightened up and the old furniture needed to be replaced. My mother was living in one room of the House. Since she had become feeble and wasn't really able to take care of herself, I said I was going to help clean up the House. As I began cleaning, I told my father the House didn't look bad, despite the clutter and old furniture. As I picked up some of my mother's clothes, I thought it seemed as if another woman might be living with her. I found stamps and coins lying on the floor and gathered them up. When I picked up some pictures, I realized one was of a girl named Regina whom I had known when I had been a teenager (about 40 years before). I said to my father, "Here's a picture of Regina."

As I handed the picture to my father, I realized that in the picture Regina had been wearing a button-up top which was open so one of her breasts was visible. I waited for my father to hand the picture back to me, and when I finally asked him where the picture was, he said that he had done something with it, that it wasn't his kind of picture. I realized he wanted to get rid of the picture and apparently he had done something with it. I then noticed that he had some papers stuck down inside his pants so the papers were sticking out the top of the pants.

I would have liked to have kept the picture. I knew I had once had sex with Regina years before. I didn't have any pictures of her and I would have liked to be reminded of what she looked like, but it looked as if my father were now going to keep the picture and I didn't know how I could retrieve it. I thought I might be able to later steal the picture, but that would be difficult. 

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