Dream of: 21 April 2010 "Spiritual Feeling"

Dressed in a suit, I had walked into a courtroom somewhere in the Forth Worth area. I had decided to start practicing law again and had come to court in hopes of being appointed by the judge to represent someone on a case. I walked up to the bench and stood in front of the judge. He quickly appointed me to a case and I turned and walked away. As I was leaving the courtroom, I was thinking to myself that I needed to visit all the various courts in the courthouse and let the judges know I was available for appointment to cases. I felt good about practicing law again, even though I knew I would need to work hard to build up a law practice.

I walked outside the courthouse and headed for the corner of the street. As I stood on the corner, I looked up and saw towering above me a gigantic cathedral. I had never noticed the cathedral before and was intrigued by its beauty. I decided to walk inside and see what it was like. I walked up to the entrance and passed through the door. Other people were also walking inside and I realized a service was about to begin. Most seats were already taken, but an usher helped me find a seat close to the front.

The pews were arranged like bleachers, with the pulpit down below in front. I was only three or four rows back from the pulpit, looking down. After I had sat down, I felt extremely emotional about being in church. I almost felt as if I were going to cry and a tear formed in my eye. I also thought about Michelle. I wished she could have the kind of spiritual feeling which I was experiencing by being in church. But it seemed as if Michelle had chosen a different path, and I seemed powerless to change the road she was traveling.

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