Dream of: 19 April 2010 "Ida"

Michelle (about 20 years old) was sitting next to me on my right. She looked particularly beautiful and her hair was exceptionally blonde. On the other side of her was sitting a long line of soldiers (perhaps 200) stretching off into the distance. Also on my right a similar line of sitting soldiers stretched away. I slowly became aware that Michelle (her blonde hair falling on her shoulders) was naked from the waist up. I fretted the soldiers would be looking at her and I made a comment about her being "topless." I wasn't particularly concerned, however, because she had practically no breasts and was virtually flat-chested. A woman sitting nearby told Michelle that she needed to put on a top. When Michelle finally stood up to put on a top, I realized she actually did have fully developed luscious breasts. I thought everyone in the hall must be looking at her, amazed at how beautiful her breasts were.

Although Michelle was sitting in a chair, I seemed to be sitting on a couch. A couple younger soldiers sat down next to me on my left. They weren't friendly and soon left. Then an older fellow with grayish hair cut in a burr sat down next to me. He was friendlier and I talked a bit with him. I finally asked him how old he was. I thought he looked about 60 years old, but he said he was 40. I asked him to guess how old I was. He said, "Oh, about 23."

I replied, "I'm 57."

Astonished, he couldn't believe it. I thought Michelle would be impressed that someone thought I was so young.

My attention became focused on a movie which was playing on a wide screen in front of us. At first a trite and hackneyed black-and-white war movie was playing. I told the fellow next to me that the movie was boring and that I would like something with some action. Suddenly I saw Michelle (about 20 years old) on the screen. She was walking toward the back porch of a house and she was absolutely radiant. She was wearing a pale-green dress with white polka dots. Her walk turned into a dance, as if from a ballet, as she whisked up the back stairs. Her dress flared out as she jumped onto the porch, revealingly touting her white panties. Music played in the background and she looked at the camera with her beautiful smile. Her name was "Ida" and somehow I knew the name of the movie was also Ida.

Everyone in the hall was staring at the screen because Michelle was so beautiful. I thought to myself that Michelle would now be lost to me because she had been discovered and she would move on in the world. I thought of all the times I had had sex with Michelle, and I thought of saying to the fellow next to me, "She fucks like a monkey."

I didn't say anything however. I simply sat silently and watched the movie.

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