Dream of: 17 April 2010 "Collage Exhibit"

I was a teenager. I had made about 30 collages, taken them to a school, and entrusted them to a man who was going to put them on display. If I sold any of the collages, the man would receive a percentage of the money. As it turned out, however, the exhibit didn't take place, and the man told me he was simply going to keep the collages. Upset, I began thinking about what I could do to retrieve my collages. I didn't even know where they were. I definitely wanted to keep them. I had made many different kinds of collages and a couple were extremely well-executed. I contemplated going to the police. Surely the man would hand over my collages if I brought the police to him.

An older woman (probably in her 60s) who was a teacher was at the school. I thought perhaps I would simply tell her about my collages. I thought perhaps I would talk with her and she would be able to retrieve my collages for me. I only knew that I definitely wanted them back.

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