Dream of: 16 April 2010 (3)"Wrong Car"

I had been washing my 1999 Ford Escort in front of a two-story frame house, but I stopped and pulled the car around behind the house. When I pulled my car back again in front of the house and got out of the car, I discovered the hose I had been using was now unhooked and lying on the front porch of the house. I suddenly realized I had been using the water of the people who lived in the house. As I stood in the front yard, I saw a man standing in the doorway of the house. I spoke to him and explained that I lived behind him. I pointed to the hose and asked him if that was the hose I had earlier been using. He vaguely indicated that the hose was the same. As I stepped toward the hose, I explained that I had been washing my car with the hose. Only then did I realize I had been using the man's water and I asked him if it would be alright to use his water. I told him I would pay for the water, then added that it wouldn't be over one dollar. My tone was facetious, as if he were too cheap to just let me have the water.

We didn't actually resolve the issue because before I hooked up the hose, I started looking at my car, and realized it was light-pink, although I knew my car was white. Thinking the color of the car was strange, I walked over to it, looked inside, and saw things in the car which didn't belong to me. The items looked as if they might belong to a female college student. Suddenly I realized the car wasn't actually mine. Apparently I had somehow taken the wrong car.

I got in the car, put my key in the ignition and started it. I concluded that (strange to say) the same key fit my car and this car. I knew I had parked my car right behind the house. I also now remembered that when I had boarded this car, it had seemed as if I hadn't parked my car in the car where I had found this car. I wondered if my car was still parked behind the house where I had left it. I drove down to the corner, and just as I turned the corner, a black and white police car passed me going in the other direction. I saw him turn around and I knew I was going to have problems, so I pulled over to the curb. I would have difficulty trying to explain how I had gotten into the wrong car. Since I was in Ohio, I would also have to explain why I had Texas license tags. 

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