Dream of: 14 April 2010 "Slaughterhouse Five"

I was working on a big elegant two-story house which I owned and had been fixing up. I planned to sell the old Victorian-style house and I wondered how much I could get for it. As I walked through the house, I looked at the rich wood trim, checking out places which still needed repair.

George (my handyman) had been working for me, but I hadn't used him lately. I was thinking of visiting George because I wanted to buy some marijuana (perhaps a $20 bag) and George knew where to buy it.

Other people showed up and began walking around the house. I wanted to lock up the house and leave. I stepped up to a man and a woman (each about 40 years old) who were in the house and asked them who they were. I was surprised when they said they were working for me. I didn't know what they were doing there and I took an immediate dislike to them. They walked into a room which was supposed to be a bathroom, but which was completely empty with nothing in it. When they said something about charging $10 an hour, I stopped and said,
"Wait a minute."

We stepped out of the room and I told them that I didn't remember hiring them and that they were no longer employed. They were obviously very upset. I now seemed to remember they had been in the house the previous day. They said something about my owing them $70. I looked at them and said, "What have you done?"

As far as I could tell, they had done no work. I escorted them to the front door so they could leave. After they had left, I walked back into the middle living room and discovered that George had showed up. I also noticed a Christmas tree in the room and Christmas lights over the windows. The room had a homey atmosphere. I realized I had left the Christmas tree and the lights up all year long. I thought about taking them down, but since it was almost Christmas time again, I decided to just leave them up.

Since I was ready to leave, I walked out to the front porch, where a group of people was gathered. Another man and woman (who actually did work for me) were in the group. I was thinking about leaving them in charge of the house while I was gone, although I really didn't want to leave the house unlocked.

A slender and extremely tall woman (over three meters tall) was also standing on the porch. She was blonde and about 20 years old. I knew her well and I really liked her. We had been seeing each other for a while. I knew other people disdained the woman, but I liked her nevertheless. Close to her neck she was holding something which had some writing on it. I was looking up at her, trying to read the writing. I could read the words "Slaughterhouse Five," which I knew had something to do with the novel Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I knew the words represented some kind of theme which had to do with something I had been doing lately, but I was unsure of the exact significance of the words. I continued staring at the rest of the writing, trying to read it.

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