Dream of: 13 April 2010 "Cable Television"

I had started working for a cable television company. I wasn't entirely sure of my duties, but I figured I would be handling any legal matters which needed attention. I had my own office, but I had been given very little work to do. My boss (a man probably in his late 30s) apparently owned the company. Several other employees worked there and another office also existed in a nearby city.

I had found an old bag of receipts which looked as if they were from the 1800s. I wanted to talk to my boss about throwing them away. I also wanted to talk with him about connecting the computers of this office with those of the other office. It seemed that all the bills were paid in the other office and I therefore thought a file for each client must be on the computers in the other office. I thought I would like to be able to access those files in case a legal issue arose with one of the clients. As I stood to walk out of my office to go see the boss, a female employee (about 30 years old) from the other office walked in and started talking with me. I was surprised to learn that she had the same idea: that the computers of the two offices should be connected.

She and I both walked together into the boss's office. A thin, gray-haired man, he was sitting at his desk. As soon as I began talking he interrupted me and told me I needed to get a typewriter. He rambled on about the typewriter and how he had seen that I could type very fast. I admitted that I could type fast, but I told him I didn't seen any need for a typewriter because I had a computer. Typing something onto a piece of paper didn't make sense when I could simply type it on a computer, print it, and save it at the same time. He didn't seem, however, to understand my point.

When I finally was able to bring up the subject of connecting the computers between the two offices, he likewise didn't seem to understand why I would want to do such a thing. I asked him if the company had ever been sued by one of its clients. I was thinking perhaps a client might not have received credit for a payment and had been sued. My boss was evasive and I couldn't tell if any such suit had ever been brought. He implied, however, that there had never been a serious law suit.

We talked for a while longer, but he seemed completely uninterested in what I was saying. Finally, he and the other employees began preparing to leave. I realized it was 5 p.m. and time to go. I walked out into the hallway as the others were leaving. I noticed a woman's black billfold lying on a table and I touched it with my finger, but I didn't pick it up. As I walked toward my office I wondered if I had left my fingerprint on the billfold. I looked back and saw two women standing near the table and thought the billfold probably belonged to one of them.

I was somewhat concerned about my job. I really wasn't doing much of anything. I thought I would be available if a legal problem arose, but in the meantime I felt I needed to be working on something. I thought if the company were sued by a client I would try my best to win the case. But what if I lost? What if I lost a second case? And a third? I would just have to try my best. I  realized I should also start dressing better. I was just wearing a tee shirt. I should at least start wearing a button-down shirt to work.

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