Dream of: 10 April 2010 "Foot Race"

I was on the Gallia County Farm in Gallia County, Ohio. Some kind of festivities were taking place in the long narrow field southeast of the Farmhouse. The field had been plowed and two areas had been blocked off to be used as race-tracks. Races were getting ready to be held on both tracks and I wanted to take part in one. The track I planned to race on was about 50 meters long. Young children were getting ready for the race. I myself was only 10-11 years old, and I also began preparing by putting laces in the new pair of tennis shoes which I had. I worked quickly, fearing I wouldn't get the laces in on time.

When I stood up, my old friend from the fourth grade, Altizer, was standing beside me. I asked him if he remembered the time in the fourth grade when we had taken part in a foot race similar to this one. He did.

I planned to run as fast as I could in this race. I wanted to win. I had taken part in another foot race earlier in the day, but I hadn't been prepared and I had run poorly. I wanted this time to be different.

I realized I needed to urinate. I headed to the small stream which runs along the edge of the field, thinking I could relieve myself there. Altizer, however, hollered at me and insultingly asked if I were going to piss on the insulation. Apparently some insulation was piled near the brook. I saw a port-a-potty half-way down the field and I headed toward it. I hoped I would have time to pee and make it back to the race before it started.

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