Dream of: 09 April 2010 "Walking"

I was traveling by foot from place to place. While walking through an old section of an interesting city, I climbed a hill and was able to look down on a large plaza with a sign which said "Zocalo." I concluded that this area of town had originally been Spanish and I thought I would like to further explore the area. When I turned the next corner, a beautiful large elegant house constructed of brown brick loomed in front of me. Since the house had apparently been converted into a museum, I thought I would like to go inside and look it over. I realized I would have to pay a fee to enter the house. I walked into the downstairs of the house, which almost resembled a large bus terminal. White colums rose to the ceiling and white tile covered the floor. Other people were walking around the spacious room. I saw the counter where the tickets were sold, but since they seemed a bit expensive, I decided not to enter at the moment.

I walked back outside and looking down below me, saw many more large brown houses. The street below me looked so beautiful, I thought I would like to walk along it. I continued walking and began walking up another hill. I came upon a little park where hundreds of naked men and women were lying about. Some were making love and some appeared to be wrestling. I walked through them, unable to clearly discern exactly what they were doing, or exactly what the women looked like.

As I continued toward the top of the hill, I entered another building. Since I thought it was time for me to stop for the day, I entered into an empty room. I pulled up two boards (each over a meter long and about 30 centimeters wide) from the hardwood floor. I then crawled through the hole into a space beneath the floor (a space about 40 centimes high). Another hardwood floor was on the bottom of the space. Although the space was dirty, I thought I would spend the night there.

As I tried to accommodate myself to the space, four black men (each around 30 years old) climbed through the hole into the space. They were all dressed in dark-blue jumper suits. Looking at them, I realized they had all escaped from jail. They didn't say anything to me, but I was somewhat leery of their being there with me. They talked amongst themselves and gathered around in a circle.

I had a plate with about 10 pieces of fried chicken on it. I began eating some of the chicken and asked the men if they wanted any. They didn't. I ate most of the chicken myself, then tried to go to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, the men had already departed. I left the space and again began walking. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt. It was still cool outside, but I thought the weather would heat up later. I was also carrying a sleeping bag which was wrapped all around me. I pulled off the sleeping bag, rolled it up and began carrying it under my arm.

As I continued walking, I realized a black woman (26-27 years old) was walking with me. I was unsure I was walking in the right direction. It looked as if I were coming to the outskirts of the town. I turned to the woman and asked her if we were walking in the same direction as the day before. She responded that no, we had been walking in the other direction, off to our right. I began to turn around so my companion and I could continue walking together in the other direction.

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