Dream of: 04 April 2010 "A Proposal"

I had met a very attractive blonde woman (about 20 years old) who came to visit me at the 17th Street House. It looked as if she were going to move in with me for a while. While she left to fetch something, I waited several hours for her on the first floor of the House. When I finally heard a knock at the door, I opened it and found three men standing in front of me. They had come to fix a piece of electrical equipment in the House. I let them enter and they began working.

I was surprised when I then looked on the stairway and saw the woman standing there. Apparently she had entered the House without my noticing. I told her I hadn't realized she had returned. Wearing a dress which fell to her knees, she looked extremely pretty, and as she walked around the House, the three men looked at her. She walked up the stairs, and just as I was about to follow her, Michelle showed up. Michelle and I began talking. Michelle knew about the woman, but I wasn't sure what she thought about her. Michelle and I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom, where the woman was sitting on the bed. I sat down on the bed with the woman on my left. After Michelle sat down close to me on my right, I realized the breasts of both women were uncovered. I wasn't sure what Michelle would think if I began feeling the other woman's breasts, nor was I sure I should do such a thing. Since I didn't want to feel Michelle's breasts at the moment, the three of us simply sat on the bed. Sitting between both women was extremely erotic.


I was driving a car in which Michelle was sitting in the front passenger seat. She was obviously upset about the other woman. I talked to Michelle and asked her if it was alright if I made love to the other woman. She didn't seem to indicate I would be out line if did so, but she was obviously concerned. We talked and talked until I finally suggested that Michelle and I both make love to the other woman. Michelle mulled over the proposal, trying to decide. She seemed uncertain whether she wanted to do that, but it definitely seemed like a possibility.

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