Dream of: 02 April 2010 "Medical Diagnosis"

I was in an apartment where I was living with Michelle and her boyfriend, Wayne. I had been aware for awhile that Michelle knew someone who could obtain 80 milligram Oxycontin pills for $25 apiece, but it hadn't occurred to me that I could buy a substantial quantity of the pills and that Michelle could sell them for me at $80 apiece. I could make a tidy profit on the pills, or Michelle could simply use the pills herself. I called to Michelle and when she walked into the room, I began calculating that I could buy 40 pills for $1,000. After I told Michelle I wanted to buy as many pills as I could because I knew they wouldn't last long, she also began calculating how many pills she could buy and she said she was going to call the person with the pills. I told her I didn't want Wayne to know anything about what we were doing (I thought he might be eavesdropping on us) and she said she didn't tell Wayne anything.

She walked out of the room while I continued calculating how much money I was going to spend on the pills. Figuring that Michelle consumed two pills a day, I tried to calculate how much keeping her supplied would cost. At any rate, the pills would definitely be a bargain compared to the price she usually paid.


Michelle and I were at a hospital so that Michelle could undergo a checkup. A doctor was sitting in front of us. Although Michelle hadn't said anything about her intemperate use of drugs, I finally mentioned something to the doctor about it. The doctor looked at her more closely and pulled out a small tube of something which he was going to give to her. Since I knew Michelle had already taken some drugs and some medicine that day, I was unsure she should now be taking more medicine for the drugs. She looked drowsy, as if she were going to pass out. Finally, the doctor stood up and escorted Michelle to a large bed in an open area, where she lay down.

A nurse walked up to a big machine, pressed a button, picked up some papers which spewed out of the machine, then walked away. I walked over to the machine and wondered how I could procure copies of the same papers (which I figured contained Michelle's medical diagnosis) and I asked a couple other nurses who were standing near the machine how I could obtain copies. I knew I wasn't related to Michelle, but if the nurses asked, I would tell them that I was Michelle's friend and that I had brought her to the hospital. When the nurses began talking to each other in a foreign language, I tried to figure out what language they were speaking. When one nurse finally told me in English that she couldn't give me a copy of the papers, I walked away, still trying to figure out how I could obtain a copy. I wanted to know exactly what was wrong with Michelle.

I wanted a drink of water, but a fellow was standing right in front of the water fountain. Five or six other water fountains were in the room, but they were all disconnected. When I finally walked up to the water fountain, the fellow stepped away.

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