Dream of: 26 March 2010 (2) "A Ready For Love"

I was in my white 1999 Escort which was filled with people, including my friend Michelle (in her early 20s) and my father. Michelle was lying next to me, and my father seemed to be looking her over. She was wearing a low-cut top so the tops of her well-formed breasts were visible. I wondered if my father was appreciating how beautiful Michelle was, especially her face. Finally he made a comment about how fortunate a man was who could be with someone like Michelle. I was surprised because my father had always evinced disdain for Michelle and he had never indicated I had accomplished anything by being with her. All I had ever wanted from him was an acknowledgement of Michelle's beauty and worth.

My attention was finally drawn to the driver, who was speeding down the street. I became angry when I realized he had driven into a section of town where we didn't need to be, apparently for some business of his own. He was a black fellow (probably in his late 20s) named "Sammy" and he seemed to be an acquaintance of Michelle's. When I said something to him about heading in the right direction, he sped up and careened around a corner so fast that the car actually turned around and we began traveling backwards down the street. After I began hollering for him to pull over, he continued on backwards for a couple blocks, then finally pulled over to the curb. I jumped out of the car and told him to get out. He did so and he stepped to the side of the car. A muscular fellow, he wasn't wearing a shirt. I told him he needed to learn to drive and he immediately took offense, asking me if I was saying he was stupid. I said no, I was just telling him he needed to learn to drive.

I didn't want any trouble with him. I hurried to the driver's door. I thought if Sammy tried to start any trouble with me I would holler for one of the fellows in the car to jump out and help me. Since I thought my old friend George Musser was in the car, I thought might holler for him. I also thought my old friend George Staggs (another Portsmouth friend from my teenage years) might also be in the car, but I wasn't sure he would help.

When Sammy didn't come any closer to me, I jumped into the car behind the driver's wheel. When I looked through the rear view mirror, however, I could see several other fellows gathered around Sammy. Obviously Sammy was telling them what had happened and they were walking toward the car as if they were going to attack me. I turned on the car and pressed on the accelerator, but the car barely moved. I could hardly believe it. Finally however the car began moving faster and I bustled down the road.

Michelle was sitting next to me on my right. She seemed to have dark black hair instead of blonde. She blurted out, "Gimme a pill."

I knew immediately she was referring to an 80 milligram Oxycontin, her drug of choice. I was alarmed that she would say such a thing since my father was sitting in the back seat and I didn't want her doing pills around him. Then she blurted, "I'm a ready for love."

She looked so sexy. Obviously she was saying she also wanted to have sex. The thought even passed through my mind that she might be willing to have sex with my father. I thought I might even be willing to allow her to do so, just to be nice to my father and let him see how good she was in bed.

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