Dream of: 26 March 2010 "Lost Lens"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, walking on the road toward the Farmhouse. I had my computer, which had wheels on it, so I was able to push it along in front of me like a lawnmower. Pushing the computer was problematic, however, because I had to keep my eyes on it and I couldn't look at my surroundings. When I reached the bridge crossing Symmes Creek in front of the Farmhouse, I saw the creek was flooded and the water was almost up to the bridge. I stopped on the bridge, sat down and looked at the muddy water. A passing car had to swerve to miss me. When I saw a couple small turtles near the surface of the water, I thought I might be able to see more animals since the water was so high.

When I stood back up, I had my eyeglasses in my hand, and when I scrapped my glasses on the top of the railing, one lens popped out and fell into the water. Realizing the lens was lost, I headed toward the Farmhouse. On the way, I began having a fantasy about how impossible it would be to find the lens. I thought about how expensive it would be to have people come in and dredge the creek to try to find the lens. I recalled how my brother Adolph had drowned in that very area of Symmes Creek so many years ago. With difficulty the creek had been dragged for his body. How much more difficult would be the dragging of the creek for a little eyeglass lens.

I reached the Farmhouse, walked inside, and climbed the stairs to the second floor. In the middle upstairs room I found a bed with a black-haired Hispanic girl lying on it. She looked like my ex-wife Carolina (except she was only 16-17 years old instead of in her mid 30s). I knew she was my new girlfriend. Another woman who looked like Michelle (except she was in her mid 30s instead of her early 20s) was standing at the end of the bed. Both females were very pretty. As soon as I saw them, I started telling them the story about how I had lost the lens out of my eyeglasses.

Then I mentioned something about how maybe we could have a threesome. I didn't think they would be willing to do it, but I thought there was a possibility. I thought if we did have a threesome, they wouldn't have to have sex with each other. I would simply have sex with each of them. I didn't think anything would actually happen, but thinking about the three of us being together was highly erotic, and somehow I ended up on the bed with my pants off. Michelle leaned over and duteously stuck my penis into her mouth. As the Hispanic girl watched, she seemed curious and not offended. I thought there was a good chance she would also participate. I thought Michelle could show the Hispanic girl the proper technique and the Hispanic girl could then take her turn on me.

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