Dream of: 25 March 2010 "Literature Test"

I was walking around a neat clean library where many clean well-dressed people were sitting at tables and on the couches. They all seemed intent and studious. Everyone looked as if they were in their late 30s. Carrying some books, I was looking for a place to sit. Although seats were available, I wanted to sit so I wasn't sitting right next to someone, and I couldn't seem to find such a seat. It seemed that all the available seats were right next to someone.

Someone was teaching in one section of the library and a slide show was being presented on a screen on the wall. The teacher was showing how to take a test about literature and books which people had read. Several answers to a question were shown and the teacher was showing how to choose which answer was best. The question was about a passage which had been read in a book and the answer dealt with the meaning of the passage. I thought to myself that I often had trouble understanding passages which I read in books. I might have trouble on the test.

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