Dream of: 17 March 2010 "All The Money"

A fairly attractive black-haired woman (probably in her late 20s) had moved in with me, even though our relationship was not yet completely defined. When she woke up one morning and wanted to know what I had done with all the money, I didn't answer the question. The day passed, and at the end of the day she again asked me what I had done with all the money. Feeling as if she were prying a bit too much, I told her there wasn't any money. She continued badgering me, however, until I finally stood up and said, "I own three houses and two vacant lots, and that's pretty much it."

I stopped and thought that my property didn't amount to much. I wondered what indeed had happened to all my money.

Another person was also living with me. As the black-haired woman began mopping the floor, I told the other person that the black-haired woman was a good little worker, exactly what we needed. I figured the black-haired woman would probably stay with me for a while.

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